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On Sunday you got the chance to meet Charissa. In case you missed it, you can find the post here. On Monday I told you about the first book I read, Between Hope and the Highway. You can find the post here. Yesterday I told you all about the first book in this series, Game Changer. In case you missed the post, you can read that one here.

Today is the day I get to gush all about this beauty Package Deal. I loooooovvvvvveeeeedddd this one!!!! I’ve read it twice so far, and will probably read it again soon.

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Angels come in different packages.

Single mom Spring has no desire to date again. At her best friend’s wedding though, she is surprised when a handsome man’s flirtations charm, instead of annoy her. But when her toddler runs up and calls her Mommy, she can tell by his reaction that her daughter is a deal-breaker. He can’t escape fast enough.

Hudson Sandel proudly owns his bachelor status as he attends his little brother’s wedding as best man. Too bad the only woman who tempts him there has a daughter that rules her out. Instant fatherhood will never be on his agenda. Yet when the kid throws a tantrum, he swoops in to help keep her from ruining his brother’s special night. When he leaves though, he can’t get the gorgeous blonde out of his head. Playing hero to her child made him feel uncomfortably good, and he doesn’t know quite how to feel about that.

As fate, lollipops, and toddler tantrums keep throwing the angelic duo into Hudson’s path, will he risk his heart and dreams on a package deal, or stick to the sure road leading to professional success and glory?

Praise for Package Deal:

“The littlest member of the package deal steals the show in this charming romance about finding out that three is not always a crowd—and that our hearts can always make room for one more person to love.” –Taylor Dean, author

“Stastny has become one of my new favorites with her Ruled Out Romances…Once again I went without sleep and got lost in the pages of a fantastic read. The romance was divine, the characters perfect. I can’t wait for the next book in this AMAZING series!! – Mylissa Demeyere, blogger/reviewer



Hearing the photographer’s high-pitched call, I realized the wedding party had moved on without me. As my high heels sank into the dewy grass, I winced and rerouted to a paved brick pathway lined with ornamental shrubs and capped with a wooden trellis full of tangling vines. The scent of honeysuckle filled the air, and I paused for a moment to inhale the sweet scent.

When I looked up, an attractive man in a tux leaned against a nearby pillar. He was tall, and had a sleek, yet powerful build that reminded me of a panther in his tux. His dark hair was cut short, and he had a clean, flawless jawline I found appealing. Most guys now days were so scruffy. Not that I was in the market for a man. But I appreciated quality when I saw it.

He glanced up at the staccato beat of my heels on the bricks, and our eyes locked. I wasn’t close enough to discern his eye color, but his dark lashes and brows rendered them striking whatever hue they happened to be. He raised both brows, as though asking me a question.

“There you are.” The photographer’s voice next to my ear yanked me out of my trance. “Follow me.”

As we marched past the gorgeous man, she motioned to him. “You, too.”

The stealthy panther in a tuxedo fell in step behind me, and I wondered about his identity. He must be Jeff’s best man. But was he an old college roommate? A childhood best friend? He couldn’t be the idiot brother. He looked nothing like Jeff, nor did he appear to be a faulty wire waiting to spark trouble.

As a breeze caressed my exposed skin, I became hyper aware of the plunging back of my dress. What I did in the name of friendship.

The photographer stopped, and pointed to the pergola. “Okay, Maid of Honor. Stand there.” I complied as she gestured to the best man. “And you stand behind her, arms touching. Slightly lean in toward her.”

As he situated himself behind me, I caught a whiff of expensive cologne. When he leaned closer, goosebumps erupted as his minty breath washed over my sensitive ear and cheek.

“I’m Hudson, by the way,” he whispered. “I don’t think we’ve been introduced.”

I shivered from the sparks shooting through my body. “Spring,” I replied as I tilted my head to peek at him.

“Eyes on me,” the photographer ordered.

I returned my focus to her and tried to ignore the way my hair follicles reacted to the slight friction between our arms. A quick glance at the two bridesmaids laughing together at the side made me wish I could trade places.

The photographer snapped several shots before leading us over to a formal garden with a fountain. “Okay. Best Man, stand here,” she ordered with her hand on her hip. “And try to smile this time. Weddings are happy occasions.”

His lips curled into a sneer that made her huff.

“Oh, never mind.” She waved her hand. “Do whatever. You’re striking enough to get away with the moody look. Gives you an air of mystery.”

Ha. How about arrogance?

“Maid of Honor, stand here.”

I bit back a grimace, hating how she ordered us about by our wedding day titles.

She stepped up to shift my body so I pressed against the man’s powerful thigh. Positioning my hands on his arm, she tilted my head into his shoulder and stepped back to appraise us.

“Hmm. Look down at her.”

My skin burned as I felt his intense gaze upon me. Why in the world was she taking so many shots of us? Shouldn’t she focus on the bride and groom?

She shook her head. “No, no, no, Maid of Honor. Your smile looks as fake as a three-dollar bill. Relax. Lean into him. You look like you’re ready to bolt.”

I couldn’t help but blush as I leaned closer. He smelled divine. Maybe I’d have to ask him what cologne he used. But that would require talking to him. I wasn’t brave enough to do that.

“Relax,” Hudson whispered. “I promise not to bite.”

My cheeks and neck grew hotter.

“Stop fidgeting, Maid of Honor.”

I bit my lips, wishing we were done.

“Okay. Real smile this time.”

I clenched my teeth, but managed to force what she considered a real smile onto my face.

“Just a few more.” She grabbed my arm and dragged me across the damp grass. “Best Man, stand against that pillar.”

Hudson leaned against the column, and the photographer squealed. “You’re a natural. Have you ever modeled?”

He snorted. I guess that was a no.

The photographer dragged me over to him. “These next few shots won’t be given to the bride and groom, but I can’t pass up an opportunity to work with such a stunning couple. Do you mind if I snap a few photos to use on my website?”

“Oh, we’re not a couple,” I hurried to correct her.

She smirked. “That’s obvious by how tense you are around him, dear. Just pretend. I’ll only use these for advertising.”

Hudson’s eyebrows pulled together. “I’m fine with that as long as you send me copies of what you use.”

I whipped my head around to stare at him.

He shrugged. “You have to admit, we look amazing together. And we’d be helping this good woman out.”

I frowned. “Fine. But make it fast. Brandee’s paying you to photograph her and Jeff, not us.”

“I’ll be quick.” She positioned me in front of Hudson, and had him wrap his arms around my waist and tilt his head into my hair. As his breath tickled my neck, my heart began to pound harder than a herd of elephants.

His nose traced a line down my ear. “You smell good.”

I heard the camera shutter clicking, and hoped we were almost done. The way my body reacted to his touch made me want to flee.

“It must be all these flowers in your hair.”

“Uh,” I stammered.

The photographer saved me. “Perfect. Now turn and put your hands on his chest. Best Man, keep your arms around her waist. Talk. Laugh. Act natural. I want some candids.”

I chewed my bottom lip as I raised my hands to rest on his tuxedo. As his fingers brushed the bare skin on my lower back, I could hardly breathe, let alone think of something to say.

“You know,” Hudson said in a rich baritone, “it’s a low-blow to upstage the bride at her own wedding.” He winked, and I felt my skin burn in another embarrassing blush.

I dropped my gaze. “Brandee’s the most stunning bride ever. It’s impossible to outshine her.”

He nudged my chin up, and smiled.

I blinked several times, wondering if I was seeing things. His smile transformed him. Whereas he’d appeared intimidating and unapproachable before—dangerous even, like the panther his body called to mind—his smile made his striking green eyes crinkle at the corners, rendering him younger and friendlier looking. Totally disarming. Charming. The wool-silk blend of his suit rubbed against my arms, and I trembled.

“Tis true the bride is lovely, but no matter what Brandee does, she’ll never outshine an angel like you.”


Package Deal is a book about two very broken people that fall for each other. And then if that isn’t complicated enough, Spring the single mom in the story has a cute little daughter to add even more complication to the tale.

I loved the humor, romantic tension and witty banter in this book. Hudson is dreamy, yet has such real flaws you cant help but fall for him. Spring went through hell and came out broken but strong. And through it all she hasn’t turned bitter, she’s just cautious. Watching these two fall in love, and seeing them face the problems of that with a toddler in the middle was such a page turner. I lost a lot of sleep devouring this book.

Stastny once again brought an excellent read that had me lost in the story and sad to let the characters go once I finished the last page. To say I’m excited for the next book in this series would be a mayor understatement. Few have the ability to deliver such a fun, witty, swoon worthy book without being overbearing in one way. Satstny has perfect balance of all elements in these reads, making them memorable long after finishing them.

About the Author



Charissa Stastny


Charissa Stastny is married to her high school sweetheart and has four children who are the light of her life. She’s an avid reader, happy writer, BYU graduate, and lover of poppies and irises, clouds, chocolate, sushi, and nature. Though born and raised in Las Vegas, she has never pulled a handle of a slot machine and can’t shuffle cards to save her life. She shuffles kids, laundry, and church responsibilities rather well though. She currently lives in Utah with her family, where shuffling cards isn’t required.



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