On Wednesday one of my absolute favorite authors is releasing her latest book. To celebrate, I want to introduce you to her, and tell you a bit about her books.

On Sunday you got the chance to meet Charissa. In case you missed it, you can find the post here. Yesterday I told you about the first book I read, Between Hope and the Highway. You can find the post here.

In the past I’ve done giveaways to celebrate the release of new book by one of my favorites. I want you all to get to know Charissa and her books, so you can discover how amazing she is at pulling you into a story, and getting you lost in the pages. Seriously, I can’t stress enough how much you all need to read her books. This week as I will post about Charissa and her books, you will get the chance to win a copy of her newest book Package deal. I got to alpha-read that one (yes, there is such a term 😊 ) and have read it twice so far. It is AMAZING!!! This is a real treat!

To win a book, you need to like both Charissa Stastny’s Facebook Page and My Facebook page . Then you need to share one of the posts during the week and comment on why you would like to win a copy of Package Deal. You can share and comment on more than one post. It’s as simple as that!

Today I’ll share the first book in the Ruled out Romance Series, Game Changer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


game changerMeridee Mansford wants nothing to do with the popular crowd. She’s comfortable being invisible. But that doesn’t stop her from dreaming about the hunky football player who visits the campus ice cream shop where she works. Still, she’s smart enough to know he’d never notice a girl like her, and she’d never want him even if he did. Too much unwelcome attention.

Parker Harrington basks in the glory that’s been his since the game-changing passes he caught pre-season that pushed his team into the national spotlight. Sticky Fingers is his media moniker now, and the cheerleaders who used to ignore him when he sat the bench have become his most devoted fans. But when he accidentally crashes into a quiet coed and covers her in orange chicken, it throws off his offensive game and makes him question why he’s drawn to a princess when he already has the queen.

As fate, ice cream, and orange chicken throw the opposites together, they will discover that skin deep perfection can’t compare to the true beauty deep within one’s soul. Will Parker continue keeping company with women he knows are only using him for his fame, or will he change up the game and risk his heart on a genuine girl who despises the attention he craves?


In this new set of stand-alone stories—the Ruled Out Romances—star-crossed lovers meet, but rule each other out. But life, with its quirky twists and tangled turns, brings each of the unlikely couples back together until they discover their unique happily-ever-afters.



This book brings two most unlikely characters together, the football star that everyone knows, and the smart, invisible girl working hard towards her education. They literally crash into each other, and that event sets the wheels in motion of a beautiful tale.

This book is a story filled with self-reflection. It is written in alternating POV, giving the reader a good look into the thoughts of both Meridee and Parker. As the book progresses, you get to understand them and their actions even better, and it helps you connect on a much deeper level with them.

Both of them are living with the hurt, pain, and fears of their past mistakes, and this book does an excellent job at highlighting that, yet giving them both the hope they crave and deserve.

Meridee and Parker together bring out the best in each other. Meridee needs Parker to put her past hurts aside, and embrace the possibility of true love. Parker is genuinely a great guy, with a whole lot of depth, even though some of it may not shine through at times when he gets distracted by the ridiculous cheerleaders chasing him all the time. Meridee gives him the possibility of being the genuine guy he really is, without pretenses and fame clouding the good inside him.

When they finally figure it all out, they have some obstacles to overcome. But what a rollercoaster of a read to get there!

I enjoyed every moment of this book. At times I got a little annoyed with Parked, and wanted to smack him in the right direction. It just enforced even more the power Stastny had of engaging me with the story, connecting me with the characters, and bringing the whole tale to life. I honestly can’t wait for the next book in this series!


Twiddling my fingers, I waited for Ken to make up his mind. I hoped he’d order without looking up so he didn’t recognize me. Not that he would. But just in case, I kept my chin tucked as I stared at the counter.

“Um, let’s see.” His head stayed bowed. “I’ll have a triple waffle cone with a scoop of caramel cashew and…” He paused and scratched his head as though solving a physics problem. “…a scoop of huckleberry ripple, and, ummm…I guess I’ll try a scoop of that…”

When he paused, I peeked up to see if he pointed at a flavor. Instead, I found him staring at me.

“Y-you,” he sputtered.

I cringed and wished a hole could open up in the floor and swallow me.

“You’re the girl I crashed into in the CUB yesterday, aren’t you?”

My cheeks burned and my throat felt like sandpaper. “W-what was the last flavor you wanted?” He hadn’t finished ordering.

“Oh, uh, yeah. Um…” His gaze dropped, but shot right back up to stare at me again.

“What’s your last flavor?” I determined to keep him on task.

His brows furrowed. “I guess I’ll have the licorice since it’s new.”

I shuddered, and attempted to ignore the infuriatingly sexy man gaping at me as though I had horns sprouting from my head. The tightening in my chest and labored breathing proved I tried in vain. Where was Barbie when I needed her? Oh, right. She and Thor had disappeared down the hall. Hopefully no children ran over to observe the machines making cheese. They’d receive more than curds and whey education if they did.

About the Author

Charissa Stastny

Charissa Stastny is married to her high school sweetheart and has four children who are the light of her life. She’s an avid reader, happy writer, BYU graduate, and lover of irises, clouds, chocolate, sushi, and nature. Though born and raised in Las Vegas, she has never pulled a handle of a slot machine and can’t shuffle cards to save her life. She shuffles kids, laundry, and church responsibilities rather well though. She currently lives in Utah with her family, where shuffling cards isn’t required.


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