Legally Wedded by Jennifer Griffith

New Standalone Romance in the Legally in Love Series

Morgan Clark is desperate. With just her senior year to go at Clarendon College and her scholarship up in smoke, she suddenly finds she can’t qualify for financial aid. Until Morgan finishes and can work full time to pay their rent, her sister can’t even start school.

Josh Hyatt is desperate. Without his degree from Clarendon he won’t be able to join his girlfriend in their dream career which she’s already begun, and he can’t qualify for government grants thanks to his wealthy estranged father’s interference.

Morgan, meet Josh. Josh, meet Morgan. Are they desperate enough to get legally wedded?

Get wrapped up in the knots that new adults Morgan and Josh create for themselves in this marriage of convenience story with legal, ethical, and emotional consequences. You won’t be able to put down this inspirational, clean and wholesome read set on the beach of the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Legally Wedded is the third installment in bestselling romantic comedy author Jennifer Griffith’s Legally in Love series, following Attractive Nuisance and Asked & Answered.

All of the Legally in Love series are standalone stories full of romance and comedy and oodles of legal attraction.


This book is book 3 in this series, but only the second book I have read. You might have read the post of book one previously on my blog.

Once again this book was a great read, but I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first one.

Morgan is in a tight spot. She is trying to finish of her education as soon as possible to pay for her sister to go to school. She lost her scholarship working long hours and not finding the time to keep up her grades. She has tried every possible way to get some financial aid, to keep her head above water.

Josh is in a similar spot. He is working to finish of his degree and also needs all the financial help he can get.

In a last attempt to get the financial aid they both need, they get married to each other, in spite of the fact Josh has a girlfriend overseas, and they are JUST FRIENDS.

They get thrown into situation after situation, making them dig the pit of lies deeper and deeper, whilst they both start to fall for each other fast and hard.

This book was absolutely hilarious. Both Josh and Morgan are great main characters. I must admit to liking Morgan more at times, and wanting to give Josh a push in the right direction.

I’m glad they got it all worked out, and we got a crazy, romantic, laugh out loud read. This is the perfect book to escape to on a rainy day with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a blanket whilst lying in the sofa. I enjoyed this immensely, and will definitely go back and reread this book when in need of a good romantic comedy.


About the Author

Jennifer Griffith
I love a story that ends with a kiss, whether it’s a book or a movie. That’s the big payoff! So that’s the kind of books I like to write, and I call my style “cotton candy for the soul”– light, sweet, gone. We all need a little escape from reality for a while, and escapist fiction can be the perfect remedy.

I’m a moderately bad housekeeper, I have a black thumb, and it takes a small miracle to get my hair to curl. My handsome husband and I live in the Arizona desert where we’re raising our five children, who never let us stop laughing.


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