Once upon a lifetime by Jennifer Kitchens“Amy stared at the portrait dancing in front of her. 

She reached out to grab hold of it, steadying it. Or at least making it shake in tune with the rest of her body. The image could have almost been a mirror. But more disturbing was the fact that it looked like another picture she had. 

A photo. The only image she had ever had of her mother not faded by time and memory. 

Taken by a helpful nurse at the hospital just after Amy was born, she recognized the same features as the ones she had secretly stared at for hours after she’d been orphaned. The same red hair and green eyes sparkled back at her. Even the lone dimple on her left cheek. 

It was her mother. Amelia Price. 

And she was wanted for murder.” 

As far as Amy Price knew, she was just a normal girl from Los Angeles. An orphan, left alone after the death of her mother years ago. Little did she know the truth of her mother’s past. Nor did she know that she would soon come face to face with it. Sent back in time to the past her mother escaped, Amy must either face what her mother couldn’t, or find a way back home. Though the handsome man intent on seeing justice met isn’t helping any.

About the Author

Jennifer KitchensJennifer Kitchens is a life-long lover of romance novels.  She started reading Regency romances as a teenager and hasn’t stopped since.  She is the founder and sole reviewer for Clean Romance Reviews.  When she isn’t writing and reading, she is raising her young children and dating her husband.



I came across this book a while back, and was not sure what to make of it as I don’t read regency very often. And then there is the whole time travel I was somewhat apprehensive about.

Let me tell you I was amazed beyond my expectations. This book is all a romance should have. From a brave, strong-willed heroine, a swoon-worthy hero, to a great magical romance set in the countryside of regency Britain.

Amy Price is an orphaned nineteen-year-old, who gets thrown back 200 years in time, where everyone believes she is her mother Amelia Price, accused of murdering her fiancé.

Lord Damien Harrington is intent on finding Amelia, and seeing justice met. He refuses to be distracted by tales of magic and time travel, but finds it harder to stay focused as Amy starts awakening feelings deep within him.

What unfolds is a great story of determination, love and suspense.

What I found so captivating about this story, is how Amy stays true to herself throughout the whole book. She doesn’t compromise on what she knows to be true, and faces all that entails, whatever the consequences may be. She does so in a head held high, I will not take any nonsense kind of way, with a great sense of whit and sarcasm, that I particularly enjoy!

Luckily we get a HEA, but I would have enjoyed e bit more of the details to the HEA.


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