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Whilst reading a boxed set a while ago, I stumbled upon Cassie’s Cowboy Crave by Kimberly Krey. I think it was probably the best book in that boxed set. I really enjoyed the way the story sucked you in right from the start. It was romance with a real kick to it.

I soon learned that this was book 3 in the Sweet Montana Bride Series, which meant there were 2 preceeding books making it a series. I picked them up, and was not disappointed, but must say that Shane and Cassie’s story is my favorite.

Kimberly is known for her steamy clean romance, and boy does she deliver. I have read 4 of her books, and each one has that same punch to it. Great romance with a perfect build up, making you feel you are right there experiencing it all, all the while keeping it absolutely clean and tasteful.

I often find there are clean romance books out there that can fall flat, missing the real build up. They miss taking you on the journey discovering all that leads up to that first glance, that tingling you experience during a first touch, the tension before that first sweet kiss,…

Kimberly seems to hit it spot on each time, making me a fan of cowboys and ranchers right here smack dab in Belgium of all places 🙂

Come read my interview with here, and see for yourself!


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  1. How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since 2008, but I didn’t publish my first novel until 2012.

  1. You focus on writing steamy clean romance, can you explain why?

Yes. I really love romance! I love everything about it. Those first glances. The feelings that nearly turn our world upside down. That looming question that never seems to quit: ‘do they feel the same?’  And of course, my favorite, that very first kiss! For my own personal reasons, I prefer clean romance, but found it tricky to find romance that was both clean and passionate. I do not want to lose the passion that is so very real and  raw and thrilling. The part that makes our hearts beat faster with anticipation. I have discovered that I am not the only one seeking these types of reads, which – I have to say – is thrilling in itself! It’s what keeps me writing.

  1. Who inspired you to write?

I’d say my inspirations were Stephenie Meyers and Marcia Lynn McClure, for writing what I prefer so very well. Clean but yummy romance.

  1. What have you published so far?

The Sweet Montana Bride Series, which features witness protection – rancher style.

This series includes:

  • Reese’s Cowboy Kiss
  • Jade’s Cowboy Crush
  • Cassie’s Cowboy Crave

Next is my Second Chances Series, which is a companion to the S.M.B. series. It features, as the title suggests, second chances at love. The first in the series is finished, the rest are on the way.

  • Rough Edges (On Amazon now)
  • Mending Hearts (Coming soon)
  • Fresh Starts (Also coming soon)

And then there is my very first novel, an Urban Fantasy called Evie’s Knight.

  1. What is Operation Underground Railroad and what inspired you to get involved in it?

Operation Underground Railroad  (O.U.R.) is an award winning nonprofit organization that works to free children as young as 2 yrs. sold into sexual slavery. I stumbled onto an article about O.U.R. that really shed light on just how prevalent this issue is. What struck me most is that this program was essentially started by one man. A father, to be exact. He almost turned down this type of work for that reason alone; it would be too difficult to be exposed to such horrors while raising small children of his own. In the end, after a discussion with his wife, Timothy Ballard decided that was all the more reason to become involved. The story is fascinating and heart-wrenching, and can be found here: Rescuing Children from Sex Slavery: One Mormon’s Inspired Mission 

I’m happy to say that in a recent fundraiser with fellow authors, we raised over $200 from Rough Edges sales alone (that’s just one of the many books involved in the fundraiser; we won’t know the total amount raised until later this month). I can’t wait to see what other things we can put together to help the cause. It’s exciting to think that anyone can create their own event to help support operations like these, and I’d encourage anyone out there to look around them, see what they have to offer, and create a fundraiser of their own. Not only will you be raising money for a good cause, but you’ll inspire others to do the same.

  1. What is coming next?

I’m in the process of editing (which actually takes longer than writing sometimes) Mending Hearts. After that is Fresh Starts – which will (most likely) complete my Second Chances series.


Thank you Kimberly for talking to us today!



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