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Playing by the Rules When sparks fly, it's easy to forget the rules.

For serial dater, Mia, life is all about fun and love is nothing but a game. If she doesn’t put her heart on the line, she doesn’t get hurt.

For overachiever and math whiz Josh life is all about meeting his goals and preparing for Stanford University. He doesn’t have time for fun.

When Mia’s busy social life takes a toll on her academic future, she begs Josh to tutor her before her grades affect her college application.

Josh agrees to help Mia, on one condition: She promises to play by his rules.

No problem at all...

Until the rule book requires her to ignore her heart.

Opposites attract in this sweet romance that will have you laughing out loud.


"This was a fun, easy read that has a slightly forbidden romance, and friends-to-lovers trope written into it. The characters were delightful and the angst and family drama was heart-grabbing. Definitely worth a read."

- Charissa Stastny, author of Between Hope and the Highway and the Ruled out Romances Series


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